The Ski Club of New Jersey’s 2017 Race Results

Ski Club 2017 Races & Results



Middlebury Snow Bowl, March 4, 2017

Another fun Club Race weekend!! Our SCNJ adults (combined men’s and women’s teams) kept the ‘little brown jug’, winning by a time of about 33 seconds, besting both Telemark and Monmouth Ski Clubs. Thanks to everyone who participated and made the effort to keep the ‘jug’. And our juniors had no trouble winning the junior trophy!

The race course was again set on the right side of the hill (facing up), so as to make ‘the race more fun’! This year conditions were exceptional – very icy, extreme cold, high wind, and frequent snow showers – yikes!!! A total of 73 racers (51 adults; 22 juniors) participated from the 3 clubs, up from 61 last year. Herb Botwick was our race starter for the first run – Telemark provided the starter for the second run. Nancy Willen was SCNJ’s official scorer in the timing booth. John McAndris provided the computer power to calculate results – a real time saver!!


SCNJ Junior Team


SCNJ’s men’s team was led by Jonathan Blumers (2nd fastest time on the mountain), Jay Henry (3th fastest), Nickolas Miller (8th), Trey Miller, Tom Henry, Jr and Chip Miller. Our gals were led by Jackie Conlan (14th fastest, first time on the snow this year), Kimmy Conlan, Jaime Cozine (first race for SCNJ) and Ginny Newman.

Special thanks to Tom Henry, Jr up from Florida. Jay Henry’s daughter Olivia (age 5) was looking forward to her first ‘serious’ race, but sadly, frost bite on both checks made her wait for another year! Olivia is SCNJ’s first 4th generation member!! SCNJ again had 7 juniors to race for the Club – the top 4 times counted. Our juniors won by about 22 seconds over the 2nd place Telemark team.


The junior team was led by Matt McAndris (who had the fastest time on the mountain!), Jack McGovern (first race for SCNJ), Conner McAndris and Mike Ferreira (also first race for SCNJ). Again, we had a delicious mid-day ‘mountain’ luncheon – a great spread of sandwiches, salads, chips, cookies and sodas.

The 3-club race is a great end-of-season event for our clubs! Telemark had this year’s après ski party – about a hundred people showed up. What a nice party they hosted!

Next year it will be SCNJ’s turn to host – the event is scheduled for March 3, 2018 at Middlebury Snow Bowl! Please mark your calendars now!! As always, a big thank you to all of our racers, rooters and everyone who came out to make this so successful!