Ladies Week and Rec weekend 2017

Ladies and Rec Weekend Lodge















February 5 – 10th saw 12 to 19 ladies in attendance throughout Ladies week.

There was ample skiing, snowshoeing, great food, lots of laughs and each other’s company. This year the week was hosted by Marianne Oberdorf and Pat Hogue, as our most recent past (and more than competent) previous hostess, Sonja Denzau has retired (but she attended and enjoyed relaxing!).

 It appeared that if we continue to have the amount of food prepared, purchased and made by volunteers, we may have needed to hire a truck to transport and hold it all.

Right on the heels of Ladies week was the Recreation weekend, hosted by Kathy Kendall. That too brought many folks to the lodge for another weekend of skiing in the warmest February on record, same old, same old, lots of food and drink and skiing in front of a roaring fire.


The next weekend the German Ski Club rented out our lodge with another great group of skiers. All in all, February turned out to be a success for the lodge ($) and for skiing.