Cultivating good fellowship among Club members and friends of the sports of skiing and snowboarding
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Happy Skiers!

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Cross Country Skiing is fun, too!


Join us at our club meetings described below and inquire about membership.

Please navigate the site to learn about who we are, our family-focused club, and learn how to become a member and join us in the many activities we have locally, at The Maywood inn, regionally, including the fun events at our lodge in Chittendon, Vt, as well as hikes and meetups in New Jersey, and in area parks. Last but not least, we feature an annual ski trip to any number of top ski resorts in Colorado, Utah, California, Canada and Europe!

The best way to learn firsthand is to come meet us at our club meetings which are held twice monthly on the second and fourth Thursday of each month- October through April - on at the Maywood Inn, 124 West Pleasant Avenue, Maywood, NJ. The meetings are a mixture of business and social events. A business meeting is held at 8:00 pm  the second Thursday of the month.

The club publishes a twice yearly event list, known as The Flake, featuring many fun activities and events, details from our current version may be found on the News and Events page.  

Thank you,
Elaine Hinsch 

Board President

Officers of the Club 2014-15:
President - Elaine Hinsch
Vice-President - Brian Conn
Recording Secretary - Tony Pezzulo
Treasurer - Denise Dunn
Assistant Treasurer - Jim Bisagni
Corresponding Secretary - Pete Newman
Weatherman - Chris Betti

Where we meet:

Victor's Maywood Inn

124 W Pleasant Ave
Maywood, NJ 07607
(201) 843-8022
Get directions

Greetings fellow members of the Ski Club of New Jersey!

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